Dear members of the Aiki-Kai Zurich,

due to the changed conditions and the partly sparsely visited Keiko, we in TK decided to reduce the Keiko offer. From now on only the following Keiko will take place :

Zeit Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa
10:00-11:30 Herbert
12:00- 13:15 Van Thang
18:00-19:20 Michi G Rolf
19:40-21:00 Herbert / Ivo Dani / Ivo Hans (19:00 – 20:30)

Also starting next week, we will launch a trial balloon with online Keiko on two evenings. From now on, the two bold marked Keiko will also be offered online. Here is the information for logging in (just click the link and follow the instructions, at the end you need the identification code:

Meeting-ID: 860 8797 0833
Code: 566060

Best regards on behalf of TK and the board,

Bruno, Ivo und Michi G.

Standard Timetable