Daniel Perruchoud


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Member of the technical commission of the AIKI-KAI ZÜRICH

Daniel Perruchoud (6. Dan Aikido, 1. Dan Judo, 1. Kyu Karate) started training Aikido in 1985 while practicing Judo. He meet Frank Doran Sensei (8. Dan) in 1988 and was deeply impressed by the fullness and depth he found in this fine art. As Uchi-deshi (“Aikido apprentice”) of Frank Doran Sensei he fully committed himself to practicing Aikido for several months in 1990/1991. In 1994 he stopped practicing Judo and concentrated on Aikido. Daniel is teaching at the Aiki-Kai Zürich since 1997 and is since 2023 president of Aikikai-Zürich.

The martial arts’ focus is important for his Aikido study which also led him to start practicing Karate in 2001. Effectively neutralizing a violent attack and staying calm and centered is his supreme goal. The dynamics of Ukemi (falling, rolling) and Randori (free practices with several attackers) will fascinate him a lifetime.