Ivo Wallimann


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Member of the technical commission of the AIKI-KAI ZÜRICH

The first Aikido-Technique I remember by name is called “Pizza with everything”. It has been shown by Frank Doran Shihan during his yearly seminar here in Zurich 1996. This was my first contact with his Aikido, which influenced my development in this marshal-art through Herbert Looser Sensei?s teaching. With the Aiki-Kai Zürich I am in close relation. During a longer or shorter period I trained with all its Sensei?s. Beside Frank Doran my Aikido is influenced by Nobuyoshi Tamura Shihan and his students. This is first and foremost Rolf Zuberbühler Sensei.

Aikido fascinates because of its philosophy: its aim is not to destroy aggression with final power, but to control a situation with potential for aggression and to resolve it in peace. This needs lot of bodily and mental control what can only be reached by constant and focused training. Aikido is an important part of my life, contrasting my more intellectual and language-driven workaday life. Therefore I am looking during a Keiko for intense (non-verbal) work with my partner and my body. Within each technique I am looking for the position I feel comfortable.