What is Aikido?

Aikido is a Japanese martial art for self-defense against armed and unarmed attackers. In contrast to other martial arts, Aikido’s prime goal is to neutralize the aggressive situation without harming the attacker.

The basis of this principle of “non-violence” is contained in the art’s name

AI – harmony, KI – energy, DO – way

which aims at emptying oneself completely to reach a state of mental sensitivity, where all surrounding energies are in perfect harmony.

Aikido is an exceptional exercising framework where physical and mental energies are balanced through continuous practice so as to cultivate personal peace of mind.

Aikido includes various forms of throwing and pinning to control the attacker similar to Judo. These Aikido movements can be accompanied by strikes to the vital points – as in Karate. Although Aikido seems harmonious and harmless to the un-trained observer, Aikido techniques correctly applied are highly effective.

Aikido is Budo!

(Translated and adapted from Aikido – Methode Nationale. Nobuyoshi Tamura. 1975. pp.  17-18)