The Aikikai Zurich, founded over 40 years ago, had a significant influence on Aikido in Switzerland.

1959 It stated in 1959, when Freddy Jacot stared the Swissair Judo club with about a dozens follow Judokas training in a Gym in Zurich Seebach.
Freddy, as a flight engineer often being in Japan, was exposed to Aikido during his stopovers in Tokio. Soon this martial art was also practices in the Seebach Dojo.
At the time Aikido was practically unknown in Europe. But martial arts enthusiasts, mostly people with a judo background, started practising movements they called Aikido. There was even talk about Aikido competitions at the time.
from 1965 Freddy Jacot, still with the Aikido branch of the Swissair Judo club started organizing stages with   Nakazono Sensei and Tamura Sensei in Zurich and Herisau, together with Willy Frischknecht’s group. Mind you, this was all at a time when O’Sensei was still alive and teaching.
21.09.1969 After the creation of a Swiss Aikido club failed the Association
Culturelle Suisse d’Aikido (ACSA) was founded on 21. September 1969  in Willy Frischknecht living room. Its first president was Freddy Jacot.
1971 The Aikido Section of the Swissair Judoclub becomes its own association, called Aikikai-Zurich and joins the ACSA.
ca. 1980 In a basement in Seebach the Aikidokas build their very first and
own Dojo.
1983 The Dojo moves to a bigger space at Flüelastrasse in Altstetten
1989 Only six years later another move to Hardturmstrasse 76
1991 The Aiki-Kai Zürich joins the FSA  (Federation Suisse
d’Aikido). Every year it invites Tamura Sensei to a stage, where FSA members have the possibility to take their Dan graduations.
2004 Move to a bigger Dojo to Hardturmstrasse 169
2015 Yet another move to today’s address Bernerstrasse Nord 182


Freddy Jacot our founder and 5. dan leaves us. Freddy was Aikikai Zurich’s President for many years and thought us as an experienced teacher for many years. Since its inauguration Freddy was a member of FSA’s technical commission. In recognition of his work Tamura Sensei honoured  Freddy 2002 with a 5. Dan. His memory, his dynamic style and spirit continue living in our Dojo!