Alexander Büchi


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Member of the technical commission of the AIKI-KAI ZÜRICH

Alex has been practicing Aikido at Aiki-Kai Zurich since 1994. Before that he trained Ju-Jitsu for several years. He acquired most of his Aikido skills with teachers of the Aiki-Kai Zurich, especially Herbert Looser. In addition, he followed courses with various Aikido-masters in Switzerland and abroad. He received his dan grades 2002 and 2006 from Tamura Sensei and 2013 from Frank Doran Sensei.

For Alex, the fascinating challenge of Aikido is the art of responding to aggression neither with counter-aggression nor with self-abandonment. During Aikido training he appreciates the concentrated atmosphere, the dynamics of the movements and the fact that he can practice and progress during a whole lifetime.